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e “Erdölmuseum Emsland/Grafschaft Bentheim in Twist e.V.” support association was founded in 2000. It supports the Oil & Natural Gas Museum in the promotion of knowledge and culture, monument preservation, learning and education as well as the protection of regional culture and heritage and local history. Collaboration with neighbouring Dutch communities is gathering pace.

Several times a year the Support Association offers lecture events and excursions relating to matters of mineral oil and natural gas extraction and topic areas connected to these.

The Support Association already has more than 250 members. By becoming a member you can support the work of the museum. The chairman of the Association is


Holger Hüneke
Mendelssohn-Straße 2
49809 Lingen

Tel.: 0591 2815
Mobil: 0151 20218681

Mail holger.Hueneke@t-online.de

Tel.: +49 (0) 591 482 35
+49 (0) 171 562 50 00

Lectures by the Support Association

“From Peru to Malaysia – drillers at work! A garland of memories”

“Experiences in North Africa, my time in Libya with Wintershall”

Film presentation “Fine oil from German soil”

“Mineral oil from Rühlermoor – with tradition into the future”

“Damaging events in the mineral oil and chemical industry”

“Groundwater restoration after environmental damage”

“Emlichheim, project for the future

“Deep geothermics in Europe, Germany, in the Erzgebirge”

Support Association EXCURSIONS:

Excursion to Freiberg in Saxony: guided tour of the town, the 1836 Tap House, the terra mineralia mineral collection, a tour of the Reiche Zeche mine, the Freiberg German students’ fraternity house: lecture on the Speyer Chemnitz oil field, the Nature Study Museum and the Netzschkau Göltzschtalbrücke (the world’s biggest brick bridge)

Excursion to the Merkers coalmine, then a crawl through the narrow passage on the old Reichsstrasse, the Rhine-Silesia “via regia” [King’s Way], a trip to see the 1,000-year-old Hammundes-Eiche [Hammundes Oak], a guided tour of the town of Vacha

A man-ride down 500 m, then by personnel carrier to 800 m, a visit to the Crystal Grotto, the gold chamber of the Third Reich and the underground museum

Trip to see Germany’s Oldest Tree in Schlenklengsfeld (planted in 760 AD)

Excursion to Vienna and Lower Austria, including a drive through OMV’s Gänserndorf site, as well as a drive along the Oil and Natural Gas Learning Trail in Prottes, a visit to the Technical Museum in Vienna, drives in a fiacre, museums, etc.

Excursion to the Hüttenstollen Mine in Osterwald

Excursion “With Preussag around the Steinhuder Meer”, near Hanover, including a drive through the Schneeren natural gas field, a one-day excursion to the Jemgum EWE natural gas storage facility

Excursion to the Rehden storage facility (a Nowega station)


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49767 Twist

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Admission charges

Adults: 5,00 EUR

Pupils, students 1,00 EUR

No card payment

Tour guide service for groups of up to 15 persons: 15 euro additionally

An audio-guide in German and Dutch is also available free of charge for tours

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