New gas network map of Europe in the Oil & Natural Gas Museum

Thanks to the activities of the chairman of our Support Association, Herbert Sander, the map dating from 2005 showing the long-distance gas pipelines of Europe and Asia was replaced with a new map measuring 1.62 x 1.40 metres. Very special thanks are due to the BVEG (Bundesverband Erdöl, Gas und Geoenergie [German Association of Mineral Oil, Gas and Geoenergy]) in Hanover for the sponsorship and payment of the costs.

Herbert Sander also promptly thanked the BVEG, saying, “The sponsored map is now hanging at a predetermined place in the museum, and we’re very delighted”. Museum director Rudi Gaidosch and Heiner Reinert, chairman of the museum lead partner, the Twist Homeland Association, echoed his sentiments. The map was mounted and adapted to fit in with the display by “all-round technical man” Hans Neuss, the Association’s secretary and treasurer.

Visitors could already see from the old map the geopolitical importance of gas pipelines in Europe. And now the Baltic pipelines Northstream I and II have been entered on the new map, which are now the focus of political discussion, particularly because of the as yet unfinished installation of Northstream II.

A further new feature is the lighting in the old building, now converted to LED technology. After the new “Knowledge Tank” building was fitted out with cost-saving LED lighting, the Support Association declared its readiness to share in the cost of the conversion. Together with Federal funding aid available for smaller cultural institutions and homeland museums a conversion could finally be made here too. By dint of savings and using existing technology this was finally made possible with a high four-figure sum.

The Support Association is proud that, thanks to its financial support, after long planning and administrative effort, two measures were put into effect that are of importance for the future running of the museum.


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